Covid-19 Bulletin

Update August 24, 2020 

In light of the current Covid-19 Pandemic, the health and safety of our families and our community continues to be our highest priority.

We know we can’t stop the corona virus but we do have a responsibility to do our part to protect others, slow down the spread and try to help reduce the burden on an already overwhelmed heath care system. “We are a small out port community but we must not think because were small it won’t affect us.”

We strongly encourage you to express your sympathy and support to the family however we are asking you to consider alternative ways verses visiting the funeral home or attending the funeral service. 

We have implemented the following practices and procedures: 

- We are available to assist you through the difficult times following the death of a loved one, while staying within the safety guidelines outlined by our Government. We appreciate your confidence in us as we continue to assist you during these difficult and uncertain times 

- We are disinfecting our public areas beyond our regular cleaning practices. 

- We have closed our kitchen facility to the public. 

- We have signage posted throughout our facility: to avoid hand shaking and close personal contact, as well as proper hand washing.

-We are asking any family members who have been out of the province within the past 14 days and those who are experiencing any flu-like symptoms are to avoid visiting the funeral home.

- We will continue to monitor the situation and will update our policies as the need arises.

We all need to be proactive in limiting social interactions, no direct physical contact (hugs, kisses or handshakes), but also be wise and cautious to protect all those around us (good hand washing or if you have flu like symptoms just stay home).

Together as a community, we must all do our part to make a difference and help families feel safe but supported during some of the most difficult times of their lives.

 Thank you and kindest regards,

Julianne Loveridge


Welcome to the Isles Funeral Home Ltd. website. The Isles Funeral Home officially opened in February of 1980 serving the people of Twillingate, New World Island, and surrounding areas. The name "Isles" was chosen because Twillingate is situated at the end of Route 340 known as the "Road to the Isles".

Today we are still pleased to continue to offer families dignified personal services for all faiths. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone, email, or in person.